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Septic Tank Do’s and Dont’s

Please call Cooke's Plumbing & Septic Services for septic tank services in Stuart and St. Pierce and surrounding areasA badly maintained septic tank is a problem waiting to happen. Did you know that the cost of replacing a septic tank system can easily be thousands of dollars and that can be prevented with proper maintenance? If you are not careful with the septic tank, sooner of later, you will have to pay heavily. Here are some things that you should do and not do with septic tanks.

What to do with a septic tank?

  • Spread the laundry washing over several days in the week. Don’t overload the septic system by washing many loads on one day.
  • Keep a note of where key parts of the septic system are placed.
  • Whenever possible, use water saving devices. Showerheads and low water consumption toilets are recommended.
  • Check the interceptor drain as a matter of routine to ensure that the water is flowing freely.
  • As much as possible do not let surface water or roof top drain water to enter the septic system’s leach field.
  • Sometimes, we don’t use certain drains (tubs, showers, sinks) for an extended time. This can cause build-up of toxic gases. So always flush such drains with water, routinely.
  • Get septic tank pumping done routinely.

What not to do with a septic tank?

  • Don’t flush high volumes of water into the septic system.
  • Do not let backwash from water treatment devices into the septic system without conforming with a septic expert once.
  • Do not drain large amounts of chemicals, solvents and fats into the septic system. Do not flush any plastic material down the drain.
  • Do not enter the septic tank. Septic tank gases are fatal.
  • Do not park vehicles or drive vehicles over the leach field. It can put pressure on the soil and crush the pipes.
  • Do not let trees grow near the leach field, because the tree’s roots might grow into the leach field.
  • Do not use the garbage disposal to flush food down the drain. Chopped food breaks down very slowly and this may clog the leach lines.
  • Do not connect the basement sump pump to the septic tank. It can overwhelm the drain and cause water to backup into the house.
  • Do not wait for the septic system to give away. Get septic tank service routinely.

The septic tank can take a lot of punishment, but if you don’t take care (occasional maintenance, some preventive steps), the septic tank can get clogged or even damaged. Please call Cooke’s Plumbing & Septic Services for septic tank services in Stuart and St. Pierce and surrounding areas.

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