Modern shower valve

Ever have a nice, relaxing shower rudely interrupted by a sudden surge of cold water? It’s probably due to someone else in your home flushing the toilet or turning the hot water on in the sink faucet. It really shouldn’t happen if your bathroom shower has a modern shower valve. You may need a new valve installed or your current bathroom shower repaired.

To ensure your nice, relaxing showers are not suddenly interrupted, you’ll want to make sure you your shower is in good repair and uses a shower valve with pressure balancing technology.

A lot of improvements have been made on the modern shower valve as compared to shower valves from ‘back in the day’ in the 1950’s and prior. You’ve got a hot side and a cold side with a control spindle in the middle where the handle is.

On the bottom side of a modern valve you have shut-off valves so you can do service on the valves. You also have a pressure checking cartridge inside if you ever have a case of hot going one way and cold going the other way it will stop that. The water can come by it and pushes it up but when it tries to go back the little black stop tube stops it. 

You also have the spindle. The terrific addition to modern shower valves is the balancing spool inside of which you have a special addition. It has a cold water port and a hot water port. The pressure should be in balance if the valve is working properly. It has two holes that adjust to the hot and cold water pressure. Cold comes into the top and hot comes into the bottom.

If you flush the toilet, which closes off the heat or if there’s a drop in cold water pressure it constantly adjusts the pressure in the system so you wouldn’t feel a sudden temperature change. The temperature is controlled by the same spindle: the hot goes one way and the cold goes one way and the temperature is controlled in a separate spindle.

This Old House has a very nice informational video on how to replace a faulty shower valve if you are a do it yourselfer – But, if you’re like most of us, you’d like to get a plumber to handle it for you. So if you need your shower valve repaired or replaced, call the shower and bathroom plumbers at Cooke’s Plumbing in Stuart and Port St. Lucie!

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