It’s that time of year again, and you’ve invited the family to your home to celebrate. You might be regretting that decision now that you think about all the extra prepping you’ll have to do, the extra trips to Publix and the extra patience you’ll have to exhibit in encountering more ‘challenging’ loved ones. You’ve already issued the invites, though, and it’s family after all, so now it’s time to prep your Treasure Coast home for the extra people, food, and stress it’s going to undergo.

Plumbing and septic systems have it particularly hard at the holidays. Between more people, larger meals than usual, and richer foods, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets are put through their paces. It’s important to prepare them and ensure there are no significant problems before the holidays arrive so you aren’t surprised and embarrassed in front of family.

Pump the tank

When’s the last time your septic tank was pumped? In Port St. Lucie and Stuart area, you’ll typically need to pump it at least every 3-5 years. If you’ve been living in your house at least that long and haven’t had it pumped, it’s time. If you can’t remember, it’s time. A septic tank in need of pumping can cause slow draining, backed up toilets, and sometimes, a very unfortunate odor. If it happens on a holiday, you may be looking at a much more expensive service than getting it done now.

Clear the pipes

Even if everything seems to be flowing smoothly, having someone check things out can give you peace of mind. If your drains are slow, or backing up, it’s critical to get it checked out. It could be backed up due to mineral build-up from hard water, or it could be tree roots partially collapsing your pipes, among other things. Find out if you have potentially clogged drainsand resolve it now, rather than after your guests are standing in soaked socks in your guest bathroom.

Check the water pressure

There’s nothing more hated than standing beneath a hotel showerhead, feeling that slow, mildly warm drizzle of water that takes forever to soak your hair and body. Maybe there’s one thing more hated than that: having it happen at home, especially if it’s while you have family visiting and they like to be dramatic. If you’ve got any water pressure issues, get them checked out before the family arrives. Keep in mind that low water pressure can also damage systems in your home, such as your water heater or dishwasher.

Dishwasher and water heater…up to the task?

Speaking of your dishwasher, let’s talk about the dishwasher and the water heater. With more people in the home and larger meals, you’re going to wash a lot of dishes and need a lot of rags to wipe faces, hands, tables and chairs. There will be lots of handwashing and showers, and if your water heater isn’t up to the job, there might be a lot of late nights or early mornings as everyone tries to get clean. We can repair, replace or install water heaters and dishwashers.

Call us now to check things over. That way, you’re not waiting for us on the day after Thanksgiving (our busiest day, by the way), and instead, sneaking out for the beach while your mother-in-law sleeps in.