A septic system inspection Port St Lucie

With a new year comes another opportunity to ensure your plumbing and septic system are ready for another season. Especially in an area like the Treasure Coast where a corrosive environment can quickly erode pipes and tanks. Whether you live in one of the older sections of Stuart or one of the 5,000 waterfront homes in Port St. Lucie with septic systems, you may not know if a problem exists or not, unless you check. So whether you have a home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the number of undiscovered leaks in a home can lead to 10,000 gallons of wasted water. In addition, problems with the septic tank cause potential issues with the ground table in your area. In addition, it can cost thousands of dollars if the tank must be dug up and replaced . Thus, it’s important that inspections of both the plumbing and septic system are addressed as soon as possible.

Inspection Advantages

There are plenty of advantages to a plumbing inspection and/or a septic tank inspection. First, you can prevent a small problem from getting worse. A tiny blockage in a septic line is quickly diagnosed and removed when detected. However, if not treated, the blockage continues to grow. The result is a cracked tank or seepage into the water table.

Same thing with home pipes. A small leak in your kitchen sink is initially manageable. However, not treated, it will lead to a flood underneath the sink that can seep into other areas in the home.

Therefore, if these issues are caught early, another advantage of an inspection of one or both systems is cost savings. Particularly if the plumbing issue is related to the septic tank or a sewer line. However, the worse it gets, the more expensive it is. Even a trenchless sewer line repair will be an investment that can hurt a homeowners’ budget.

Speaking of sewers in Martin County. Did you know the Martin County Septic to Sewer (S2S) Conversion Program is gradually hooking up  Stuart area homes to public sewers in order to eliminate their septic systems gradually over time

The third advantage to yearly inspections is to learn about new technologies that help save both money and water. For instance, a tankless water heater installation definitely prevents the rapid corrosion of a standard model due to humidity and salt air. Or, during an inspection, a new set of toilets with dual flushing options might be recommended save water.

Plumbing Inspection

When you request an inspection of your plumbing, here are some of the items that are examined:

  • Look at all fixtures, supply lines, and drains.
  • Check the water filtration system, if one exists.
  • Inspect the sinks, toilets, and showers/baths for any cracks or leaks.
  • Look at all drain and venting systems to see if there are any clogs or major corrosion.
  • Inspection of the water heater — storage or tankless — for loose fittings, leaks, or damage.
  • If necessary, video camera review of drains and sewer pipes to diagnose cracks or misalignments.
  • Inspection of shut-off valves, the sump pump, and outside plumbing outlets.

In other words, homeowners receive a comprehensive examination of all internal and external plumbing setups. Should problems be detected, technicians provide repair estimates and the amount of time it will take to correct them.

Septic Examination

In a septic tank inspection, technicians remove its cover and check the water level. Next, they’ll run water inside the home to ensure it properly flows to the tank and that its water levels don’t rise. Should this happen, further examination will take place to see where the problem is and the proper action to correct it.

These are simple summaries of why plumbing and septic examinations are so important for the new year. To prevent it from being an expensive one for your Jensen Beach, Stuart, Port St. Lucie or other Treasure Coast area home, make an appointment with us to get one done as soon as possible.

And if you need someone you can trust to carry out your inspection, quick…Call Cookes!