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Cooke’s is a full-service septic service and plumbing company offering friendly service at a reasonable cost to treasure coast residents and businesses from the1950’s to 2020.

Whether you live in one of the older homes off Indiantown Road or Loxahatchee Drive, live in luxury at Jonathan’s Landing or are a restaurant owner at Harbourside Place, our plumbers are licensed, certified and highly trained to repair your plumbing or septic problem.

There are many reasons Jupiter residents and business owners select Cooke’s to be their septic company…

  1. First and foremost, we own a state-of-the-art septic pump waste processing facility, which gives us a big advantage over other companies in the area and allows us to offer you discounted pricing.
  • Secondly, we offer a full-range of septic services including:
Old Homes with Septic Systems

Did You Know? Jupiter was incorporated in 1925?

In fact, a Palm Beach Post article dated September 9, 1925 had a story about a referendum where property owners voted 41 to 25 to form a special road and bridge district and float a $200,000 bond. “Six roads were to be built and rebuilt and a bridge over the coastal canal constructed according to plans.” Roads mentioned Indiantown Road, Dixie Highway, Center Street, and Wilson Road.

Today, all of these roads lead to homes where septic systems still prevail and our team services many of these homes. We can help you too!

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3. Third, our septic technicians and plumbers are:

  • Fully licensed
  • Fully insured
  • Experienced
  • Highly trained
  • Hard-working
  • Prompt
  • Proficient
  • Courteous

In fact, our team meets every Tuesday morning for ongoing training on customer service and response, technical knowledge and more so that we always attain complete customer satisfaction. That’s one reason we have a 4.9 / 5 Star Google Review Rating and have attained at A+ rating with the BBB.

How Often Should You Schedule Septic Service?

We are experts at pump outs and suitable intervals from working on homes here in the area.  If you’re a Jupiter resident, then you may want to call us for a pump out 3-4 years based on our experience. Some homes only need pump outs twice per decade but the vast majority require more frequent service. Our plumbers will inspect and assess your specific circumstances in order to figure out which frequency is optimal for you.

Another Advantage of Choosing Cookes?

We are the only septic company that is part of the Nexstar Network, the top 500 plumbing and HVAC companies in the USA.

Did You Know? Our most popular services are septic pump outs and cleaning. Call us now to schedule your next service!
Call Cooke’s at (772) 287-0651 for a  FREE estimate or just click here.

Common Problems We See in Jupiter septic systems:

We cater to the plumbing requests of both residential and commercial customers in the city. Our team members know how to troubleshoot and manage a broad assortment of septic tank concerns. From simple routine pump outs and filter cleaning to drainfield installation and rejuvenation, we do it all.

Do you have a soggy area near the tank or sewage backing up into your home?

You may have a leak caused by rust, broken cement, roots breaking the pipes or other issues. We will inspect your system and get to the bottom of it, literally

Are you noticing sewage and H20 backups that originate in your sinks, drains or toilets?

Most likely you’ll need your effluent filter cleaned or replaced or you’ll need us to pump the septic tank to remove the clog.

Is your drainfield saturated with water or have bright green spongy areas?

It may be filled to capacity. You may have a drainfield bio-mat balancing problem or broken piping. Your system may require hydro jetting or require rejuvenation.

In fact, we offer Jupiter homeowners terrific alternative to messy drainfield rebuilds using TerraLift drainfield rejuvenation.

Indications That You Need Our Septic Tank Service

Cooke’s team can inspect your system and go through our extensive checklist to locate the problem.

There are all sorts of things can indicate problems. If there are drains throughout your space that are particularly sluggish, then you may have to call us for repair work. If you have pooling water, slow draining and foul odors, you may have a septic pump that needs repair or replacement or If you’re irritated by awful smells, water gathering, nitrate woes and a lawn that’s thriving to an inexplicable degree, then our service technicians will be there the same day to save the day for you!

We Are Ready to Repair Your Septic Problem…and We’ve Seen Them All!

Our team members are well-versed in the management of sludge layer build up drainfield stenches, excess water accumulation, sluggish drainage and beyond.

So why deal with soggy fields and water build up, persistent tank odors and lingering sewage backups? Quick…CallCooke’s! We can fix any and all of these issues for you quickly and affordably.

We also have coupons available.

Ready to get started? ‘Quick, Call Cookes’ at (772) 287-0651 for a FREE estimate or just click here.

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