Septic Additives

Are They Good or Bad for Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach County Homeowners?

Today’s cleaning products used around our homes have labels that tell us about the antibacterial properties for those products. The issue we need to be aware of is septic systems require types of bacteria that those antibacterial products can destroy. Those beneficial bacteria are required for your septic system to function properly.

The Cooke’s Plumbing and Septic team here in Stuart uses septic additives for proper maintenance of your septic tank and to keep it functioning properly.

We know that the proper septic additives will add to your system’s proper functioning by assisting with the breakdown of a variety of solids that can accumulate over time. Breaking down these solids can prevent those solids from getting out to your leach field.

In addition, we recommend every septic tank should be pumped on a regular basis.

Types of Septic Additives

Cooke’s Plumbing and Septic Services recommends two bacteria types of septic system additives. One is a live bacterial additive that is designed to decrease the accumulation of organic materials within your system. They are added to your septic tank by easily pouring the product down any of the drains in your home or by flushing it down the toilet on a monthly basis.

The other is a powdered form of bacteria that is applied by one of Cooke’s professionals after a service call. This is because the tank should be empty when the application takes place or up to two weeks following a pumping service.

Do Additives Work?

While there are products that may not work, the products we utilize do work because

A – Your septic system requires bacteria to work properly

B – Commonly used household products are made to destroy bacteria

When we add live bacteria to your septic tank, they destroy solids and sludge that might harm the lines and the tank. It also will increase the good bacteria to levels that create the best possible environment needed to remove any solid organic matter. IN addition, the additives we use counteract the products you put down your drain that destroy bacteria.

Take Care of Your Septic Tank to Prevent Problems

Unfortunately, there are no advance warning signs indicating that your system is about to fail. Out of nowhere your system will fail and you will grasp that it is too late to prevent a problem. Proper maintenance is the best way to take care of a septic tank to prevent problems from occurring.  That means regularly scheduled maintenance, and the use of proper septic system additives to prevent your leach field from becoming clogged with substances that will not break down.

Cooke’s Plumbing & Septic Services is here to make sure your septic system is properly maintained to avoid those expensive problems from arising. If you are ready to discuss how we can make your septic system function as it should in the Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach or Palm Beach area contact us.