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How to Prepare Your Septic System for Storms and Hurricanes!

septic system damaged by storm

According to the CDC, as a resident of Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach or Fort Pierce you should prepare your septic system before a Hurricane or severe storm by doing the following:

  1. Secure any access ports, inspection ports and/or manhole covers to your septic system.
  2. Be sure your septic tank is at least half full to prevent it from collapsing or floating. If your septic system requires electricity, turn off the pump at the circuit box before the area floods.
  3. Drainfields are particularly prone to damage during Hurricanes and severe storms If your drainfield gets saturated with water from hurricane flooding, then water won’t be able to flow out of the system. The best way to prepare you septic system for a hurricane is to have your drainfield and septic professionally inspected and serviced by a licensed team like our team here at Cooke’s in Stuart and Port St. Lucie.
  4. If you have a septic tank system, be sure to clear your sump pump and drains of any debris and make sure the pump is working properly. Call us and we will perform a septic pump out for you. Also make sure drainage is flowing properly.
  5. Waterproof all electrical connections to avoid electrical shock or damage to wiring, pumps, and the electrical system. Storms and hurricanes pour down excessive amounts of rain and storm surge so be careful to avoid electric shock. It’s best if these things are left in the hands of licensed professionals of course. 

If you need help in Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach or Stuart with storm preparation, call the septic system experts at Cooke’s Plumbing & Septic or click here!

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