Port St. Lucie / Stuart area grease trap cleaning service

Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Restaurant Grease Can Clog the Drains in Your Building

Wastewater from a commercial food preparation area such as a restaurant kitchen, school cafeteria, bar, hotel restaurant or hospital courses through a grease trap, the oil and grease ascend to the surface inside the grease trap device and are caught utilizing a system of ‘baffles’. The oils and grease that are caught in the grease trap fill it up from top down, pushing the “clean” water out of the base of the device and into sewer lines. These traps need to be pumped, serviced and maintained ( with sewer jets ) to operate effectively.

High Pressure Sewer Jets Are Effective

At Cooke’s we pump and clean restaurant, bar and cafeteria grease traps in Port St. Lucie and Stuart with a high-pressure sewer jet to jet the sewer lines to remove grease and debris. Here we used our Harben sewer jet using 4000 psi water pressure at 20 Gallons per minute (GPM).

Maintenance Tips

Grease trap cleaning and maintenance should always be done by a professional, licensed service like Cooke’s who are highly experienced in grease trap cleaning and removal. It is important for restaurant owners to avoid these common mistakes:
Trap needs to be the proper size

  • Be certain no boiling water is going in
  • Make sure your grease traps is connected to food prep
  • Make sure it is connected to your dishwashing station
  • Make sure it is NOT linked to your garbage disposals or dishwashers.

Quick, Call Cooke’s

It is recommended that you should empty / pump your restaurant’s trap at least quarterly. So if your Port St. Lucie / Stuart area grease trap is backed up, clogged or overflowing and just needs cleaning or if you need a new grease trap installation, and you need a service you can trust to handle things properly, Call Cooke’s grease trap cleaning service. We’ve been jetting lines in this area since the 1950’s.

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