Sewer Problems

serviceSigns of Sewer Problems

If your sewer system clogs, you may begin to notice sinks draining very slowly, gurgling noises coming from the toilets, water pooling around the floor drains, or waste backing up in the bathtub.

Low or soggy spots in the yard or a collapsed section of the sidewalk or driveway are also all signs of serious sewer problems that should be investigated by an experienced plumber like our licensed plumbers here at Cooke’s Plumbing and Septic in Stuart and servicing Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach and Fort Pierce.

Sewer lines may be compromised by  any of the following problems:

  • Corrosion
  • Shifting soil
  • Tree roots
  • Breakage due to old age
  • Problems in the municipal waste infrastructure

In most cases, main sewer line clogs are caused by three roots that have grown into the pipe. Older homes in the Port St. Lucie / Stuart area like those built before the 1960s often have sewer pipes made of clay tile, which have a life span of less than 50 years. 

If your home has clay tile pipe, there’s a good chance that those pipes have cracks in them, making them susceptible to clogs from tree roots. We can help you repair all types of sewer problems. All our plumbers are licensed, highly experienced professionals. We even have experienced ‘Master Rooters’ on staff!

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