Septic problems occur in every home or building every now and then. Tenants may complain about public toilets that back up, while homeowners may have worries about leaks that cause property damage. Here are both obvious and not-so-obvious signs that you need a septic service right away.

Tequesta Septic ServiceFoul Odors Coming From Pipes or Drains

The worst part of a septic system malfunction is the foul smell. In some homes, it’s worse when the smell affects different pipes located throughout the house. Some odors are caused when the pipes burst and cause floods in which the water is polluted. The problem may be blockages that require pump outs or other methods of removing the waste. This is one project that should never be DIY because trying to perform pump outs yourself could result in a complete mess.

Slow Drains That Are Not Easily Fixed

It’s one thing to have a drain that is slow moving, but you put in some drain cleaner and it becomes unclogged. But when you try to fix it, and it still doesn’t work, the blockade could have traveled and become lodged deep within your pipes. When fixing the same drain brings slower results, hire a pro to repair or replace it.

Other Damages Appear in the Bathroom

When a few major problems begin to appear in the bathroom, such as peeling paint, mold or broken tiles, be sure that your plumbing is not as efficient as you think. Next, you’ll see the early signs of certain plumbing problems like water leaks or drippy faucets.

Weak Toilets That Leave Waste Behind

Everyone is annoyed by the sight of waste that’s left behind in toilets after flushing. You may not think anything of it, but this problem may not have occurred when the toilet was first installed. The toilet’s system may be aging, resulting in too little water pressure that worsens over time.

Water Leaks That Seem to Appear Behind the Wall or Under the Floor

You may see water leaks that seem to appear out of nowhere. Some appear as damp spots on the walls or ceilings that are barely noticeable. Only an experienced septic company is able to pinpoint the source of the leak, including where it will go next. In a place like Tequesta where a number of homes are several decades old, getting regular septic service for your plumbing is no longer an option. In this small town, rest assured that there is one septic company that will take your call, whether your plumbing needs pump outs or rerouted pipes.

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