Woman holding toilet paper during Covid-19 in Stuart

“Pssst….hey lady…want to buy some toilet paper? Do you want one-ply or two-ply? I got a guy who can hook you up!”  Are you buying paper goods out of the back of someone’s trunk?  Has it really come to that? COVID19 has Treasure Coast residents doing some nutty things and making some odd choices, to be certain! 

Kids are exploring distance learning for the first time and people are staying home, doing their part to flatten the curve from from Riviera Beach to Port St. Lucie. These are great for helping our heroes on the frontline and helping to keep us safer from the virus. But what does that mean to our homes? You are using the toilet more…using toilet paper more…flushing wipes more…and if you live in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie or Indian River County, it could mean you are increasing the load on your septic system

Home usage of every kind is up across the board.  Schools from Jupiter to Fort Pierce, workplaces, hotels and malls are all closed.  We are using our homes and our utilities more than ever.  With the usage increase will come, the need to provide more maintenance and most likely an increase in emergency situations.  You may need to get a pump out ahead of schedule because of the increased usage and build up.

In addition, as a homeowner with a septic tank system in the Riviera Beach, Stuart, Port St. Lucie or Fort Pierce area, you also have to pay attention to bacterial buildup. 

Beneficial bacteria float around in your septic system and break down solids, turning them into liquid waste.  Antibacterial soaps, bleach, antibiotics, and other products designed to kill bacteria could all enter your tank and destroy some of the beneficial bacteria in your tank. If you flush these products down your drains on a regular basis, you could significantly disrupt your septic tank’s natural processes.

When the beneficial bacteria are reduced due to the introduction of the items mentioned above, it throws off the balance in the tank. This will contribute to too much solid matter in the septic tank.  It is important to monitor your tank.

Call the team at Cooke’s Plumbing and Septic Services. We can inspect your tank and provide you guidance on the best next steps in ensuring your septic tank remains healthy…so you and your family can too!

With over 50 years of experience, we are here today and here tomorrow to serve your plumbing and septic needs.  The team at Cooke’s is made up of highly experienced plumbers and septic technicians who are licensed, certified and specially trained. Most importantly, they are courteous, friendly and professional. We can help you with plumbing problems and any other related service.