Unclogged drain, flowing properly thanks to Cooke's Plumbing

Drain problems can happen at any time to you, and it is critical to understand when you need a professional. We all make the mistake of overlooking issues with the drains and assume that air is in the line. 

Sometimes, our remedy is to put a drain cleaner down the line to clear things up. Solutions like this can work and remove debris that is causing the drain to become slow. The problem is that these chemicals may not solve the issues long-term and lead to clogging in the future. 

You should have an idea of when to call in a professional that understands how to address drain problems. We have the knowledge and skills to address any issues and help your drains to work correctly.  


Typically, drains give you warning signs about problems that are arising and becoming worse. 

The key is to know when a problem arises and acting quickly to prevent things from becoming worse. 

Frequent Clogging

A clogged sink, bathtub, and shower drains are usually from hair inside the drain pipe. Clogs like this arise from time to time, and you can pour a drain opener down the drain to clean out the hair and gunk. 

However, if the clog returns after you do this, you need to call in a professional to deal with the problem. 

Professionals use tools that go deep into the pipe and clean out the debris you are unable to remove yourself. The pipe is cleared out quickly, and the wastewater drains properly without backing up into the sink, bathtub, or shower. Everything can go back to normal, and you will not have to worry about drainage problems for a while. 

At Cooke’s Plumbing, we can help you to address the root causes of your frequent clogs and get your drains working right. Since 1958, we have been serving the Treasure Coast and helping homeowners and businesses deal with their plumbing issues quickly. 

A Slow Drain

A clogged sink or slow drain seems like a minor issue, and that the clogs will go away eventually, and no action is necessary. The reality is that a slow-moving drain can underscore a more significant problem with the buildup of minerals, gunk, hair, and food particles. 

In situations like this, we advise calling in a professional to diagnose what is happening to help you clear the drain. 

We will identify the sources of the problems, fix them, and ensure the drain is working correctly.  

You can prevent the situation from becoming worse by taking a proactive approach to addressing your slow drain.

Call us at Cooke’s Plumbing; we specialize in addressing issues with your drains and can help you get your drains working properly. 


We all have problems from time to time with a toilet or sink that overflows and does not work correctly. Issues like this are from something clogging up the sewage line and causing the water to back up. Situations like this require calling in a professional as soon as possible to address the issues quickly. 

For example, if your toilet is backing up, the problem is a significant blockage that prevents water from draining. We can run a tool deep into the drain called the snake to go all the way through the sewage pipe. The snake removes roots debris, waste, toilet paper, and anything blocking the drain from working correctly. 

We Can Help

Cooke’s plumbing can help you with these problems, and we will assist you in dealing with overflows in the sinks and toilets. 

In Stuart, drain problems can be a sign of significant issues with the sewage pipe. 

Call Cooke’s Plumbing today at 727-287-0651 and see how we can help you to solve your drainage issues quickly. 

We work with a variety of homeowners, commercial businesses, manufacturers, and other organizations. 

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