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Plumber’S Tricks: How To Keep Drains Clean

Plumber’s Tricks: How To Keep Drains Clean

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It is massively inconvenient and very annoying if you start to see recurring problems relating to clogged drains and pipes.

If you could learn how to employ the same tricks experienced plumbers use, you’d probably never have to spend another cent hiring plumbers.

Learning to diagnose and fix your plumbing problems requires a learning approach, and it is certainly possible to develop finesse after applying some of the tips we will cover below.

Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Keeping your drains clean is a must to ensure pipeline hygiene and prevent drain leaks.

However, blockages can arise, and it’s important not to jump the gun by opting for chemical drain cleaners, as this can result in adverse effects.

Your best bet is to use a stick or plunger to remove any blockages to ensure a clean and hygienic drain.

You can also try snaking your drain by inserting a thin and long object into the drain and pushing or breaking apart the stubborn clog.

Chemical drainers are known to interact with substances such as aluminum, which can lead to a chemical reaction that can release harmful gases into your home.

Additionally, drain cleaners can damage your pipelines because many are alkaline (caustic) and can react with plastic to warp the material.

Avoiding the use of drain cleaners can ensure that you successfully prevent drain leaks.

Some bio-clean products are frequently used to clean drains but often aren’t too successful at clearing clogs.

However, you can unclog your drain by using other methods and adding bio-clean products to clear any unhygienic remnants.

Know What Causes The Blockage

Bathroom sink and shower drains are often blocked due to long hairs and toothpaste, quickly stopping water from draining.

A good tactic you can employ is filling the sink basin with hot water close to boiling and then unplugging the drain so that the hot water gushes down and breaks apart any substances contributing to the blockage.

Things can quickly become unhygienic if they’re left to fester in the drain, which can invite cockroaches and other small insects and further complicate your situation.

If hot water treatment doesn’t unblock the drains, your next best bet would be to insert an object and break apart the clog or use a plunger.

Prevent The Blockage in The First Place

You can let hot water flow into the drains after you finish using the sink or bathroom drain to ensure that any water-soluble materials break down and pour into the drain, resulting in clean pipes.

If you have problems with hair getting stuck frequently in the drain, you might find it easier to purchase a drain saver that can trap the hair so that you can physically remove it.

Make sure you don’t flush the hair down the drain, scoop it up with a tissue, and throw it in a plastic bag and into the dustbin.

It’s a little gross, but you’re likely to have clean pipes if you do it regularly.

For toilers, you must ensure that you only flush toilet paper down the drain because you’re likely to find a blockage at some point if you keep flushing stuff that’s not meant to go down there.

A backed-up toilet can be a massive pain because it can be extremely gross and unhygienic, which is why prevention is the best cure; otherwise, you’ll have to hire a plumber or learn the art of plumbing.

You can even take some tips if you have time to shadow the plumber to know how to deal with any future problems.

Prevent Kitchen Blockages

The best way to prevent kitchen blockages is to stop putting grease into the drains.

Grease can quickly solidify in the pipelines and cause blockages, which is why you can store the oil in a jar and throw it away once it becomes solid.

If you find that you’re struggling with a particularly stubborn clog, you can physically remove it by the methods described above. You can also opt for prevention by attaching a wire mesh filter on top of the drain to prevent food and other substances from accumulating.

Final Thoughts

Plumbing is tricky if you’re dealing with backed-up toilets and particularly nasty clogs, resulting in unhygienic drains.

It’s best to opt for prevention tactics because it’s easier to make changes that do not result in drain blocks in the first place.

Hiring a professional may be a good solution if you’re at your wit’s end and need some guidance to resolve a complex plumbing issue. Cooke’s Plumbing offers an excellent service where they bring all appropriate equipment and evaluate your condition before providing their expertise on the matter.

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