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Septic Pumping For Your Vacation Home Or Rental Property

hose going into manhole cover for septic tank

Having a vacation home helps you save a lot of money when you visit one certain holiday destination frequently. You need to make sure the house is maintained properly so that it is habitable. A major area where most of the problems occur is plumbing.

When a house is closed for a long time, the lines freeze, causing water to back up in the bathroom, kitchen, and clean water line. If it’s a rental property, you need to get the plumbing lines checked by a professional to ensure there’s no blockage. You wouldn’t want to deal with such nasty problems when all you can think about is going to the beach and relaxing, and then coming back home to have a long, overdue undisturbed sleep! So, who is usually the culprit?

The septic tank system!

Did you know that one in four US homes have septic systems that are hot handled by the municipal sewer service? So, instead of waste being pumped into a central sewage treatment facility, it is pumped into an underground drain field and then into a septic tank. Hence, you need to pump your rental property’s sewage line to ensure the house remains clean. This duty falls on the landlord, and they must follow all local regulations to keep the property clean.

Let’s look at some of the benefits septic tank pumping offers to property owners:

Prevents Water Contamination

One of the things that most vacationers ask when renting a property is whether it has running water or not. If your property receives water from a well, neglecting the maintenance of the septic tank can lead to water contamination. The septic system separates the liquid waste from the tank. Then, it’s transported into the drain field, where it is filtered before it enters the groundwater.

When the septic tank is not pumped regularly, it clogs the drain field, stopping filtration. As a result, contamination passes through and enters the clean water. Drinking this water can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Increases Property Value

The septic tank is also checked to ensure that all the lines are clean during a home inspection. This can be financially beneficial for you because in the future if you decide to sell the house, a potential buyer will request the septic pumping maintenance history, and you will be able to show them how well the property has been maintained.

Most buyers don’t want to deal with any repairs, minor or major, when they move in, whether it’s for a short or long time. Knowing that your property is repair-free can be a major attractor. Regular septic pumping will also save you from expensive repairs, such as clogged and leaking pipes, moldy walls, and stained bathroom tiles.

Prevents Bad Odor

The purpose of a vacation rental is to kick up your feet and let go of all your worries. This can’t happen if your senses are assaulted with a nasty odor, as a rat died. Coming to a septic tank, the smell of waste can be extremely vomit-inducing. When there’s a leak, the sewage odor increases. If the tank is regularly pumped, the chances of this happening reduce drastically.

Prevents Slow Flushing

When a potential buyer tours the house, they usually do three things: Turn the lights on and off to check the electrical connections, flush the toilet and turn on the faucets to see if they are dripping.

If the toilet flushes slowly, doesn’t flush or has water bubbles forming in it, it means there’s an issue with the septic tank. Using the toilet without pumping the septic tank can lead to a clog.

Avoids Drainage Interruptions

A full septic tank can cause drainage problems in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. You might see dirty water coming out in the tub when the toilet is flushed or the kitchen sink backing up when the garbage disposal is turned on. When the blockage gets too big, the pipes burst and cause an internal leak. You can prevent all this by getting the septic tank pumped once every three years.

When you get your septic tank cleaned regularly, you can maintain both the interior and exterior of your property. First impressions are everything, and a nasty odor combined with discoloration of foliage is a sign of a leak in the system.

To schedule septic tank maintenance or immediate pumping, call Cooke’s Plumbing & Septic Services. The company offers all kinds of plumbing services, which also include HVAC repairs and leak detection. To get in touch with them, call 772-287-0651.

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