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Help…My Toilet Is Possessed!

Recently one Monday morning while I was getting ready for work in Stuart ( I live in Port St. Lucie ) my ear started to bend as I starting hearing a very strange gurgling noise coming from my guest bathroom. It sounded like the toilet hit a geyser. It was so noticeable I dropped what I was doing to go investigate. Went I poked inside the bathroom I was shocked to see the water in the toilet sloshing back and forth it was almost as if the toilet was possessed.

I had no idea what was going on but I videotaped it and waited a few minutes for it to die down. I went back to my pop-tarts and figured it was some fluke when all of the sudden it started again, and this time I thought the toilet was going to explode!

I went outside to have a look around when I noticed there was a large plumber’s truck down the street with a hose going from it down into the sewer. It was then that I had my ‘aha’ moment and realized that the sewer line jetting process was underway.

I went over to speak to the driver and sure enough, he was in the midst of performing what is known as a sewer clean-out for Martin County. Apparently, they do this in order to flush out debris and sand that often begins to impede the flow of the sewer lines throughout St. Lucie County and Martin County. In addition, the technician was telling me that they use a video camera line inspection system so they can see what is happening within the pipes make sure there are no cracks or blockages in the pipes.

The sewer technician uses the truck to send a high-pressure water jet through the sewer before they video inspect the sewer pipes looking for pipe leaks and defects. This jetting process is sometimes heard in homes as the jetting causes a vacuum within the sewer system.

So the mystery was solved and my toilet went back to being itself again. So if your toilet starts sounding like it is possessed, it’s probably just the county cleaning out the sewers. But if that’s not the problem, ‘Quick…Call Cooke’s!’.

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