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The Rooter And The Horse Tail

The Rooter And The Horse Tail

Ever heard of the term ‘rooter’ as it relates to plumbers and septic? Well, here’s a ‘horse of a tail’ that will explain why it’s always important to have someone ‘rooting for you’.

It’s a typical Saturday in Port St. Lucie. It’s sunny and hot. We get a call from one of our clients about their septic system being clogged. We send out our drain cleaning and septic techs to inspect the situation.

They dig up a small area to assess the septic system and inspect the two access hatches with the latest clog detection equipment only to reveal some issues with roots and clogged filter.

After a little more digging, our techs discover the ‘root’ of the problem. A massive 3 foot plus root with the diameter close to the size of the pipe has been blocking the works. Now THAT’S a root! It’s not just any root. This one is known as a horse tail around the Treasure Coast and Florida in general. And it’s a big one at that.

Roots just don’t grow this large overnight – This one ended up growing into and through a major sewer line. They usually start with in a small bunch, find a place to expand into and finally grow into a big ball of root, clogging the sewer pipes like arteriosclerosis in humans!

You need a sewer rooter machine to clean it out. Our drain cleaning techs snagged the root with a sewer cable and then they pulled it out. The pipe was leaking so the leak had to be repaired as well. Our plumbers extracted the root, fixed the pipe and replaced the manhole cover. That’s how drain cleaning works, that’s what rooters do. Our customer was very pleased:

“We called Cooke’s and 2 of their techs came out to find, fix, manage and clean up the problems they found. Thanks to Cooke’s and their team of experts we get the job done. Just need the manhole covers installed to complete the task. Thanks to all for your good work & prompt response!”

Every home in the Stuart and Port St. Lucie area has water lines and sewer pipes and so every home runs the risk of having large roots like this grow to the point where they are interfering with your pipes to one degree or another. Pipes can be broken, pipes can be blocked like in this case.

This is the type of pipe drain cleaning service we perform on our customers' septic and plumbing system pipes and sewer and water line pipes throughout the Treasure Coast. Our drain cleaning techs are the best there is. Cooke’s Plumbing and Septic was one of the original ‘rooters’ in the area. So if you have a clogged pipe or leaking pipe or a giant horsetail root growing in your pipes, ’Quick…call Cooke’s!

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