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Plumbing Tips For Memorial Day Weekend On The Treasure Coast

Memorial Day is here on the Treasure Coast. On this Memorial Day Weekend, let us take time during our festivities to recognize the ultimate sacrifice that thousands of Americans have made to allow us to remain independent and free.

Many of us here on the Treasure Coast will also be gathering Memorial Day with friends and family, kicking off the start to summer. If you are hosting a Memorial Day event, here are a few last-minute tips that will help keep your plumbing running smoothly and event stress-free.

Plumbing Tips for Memorial Day Events

Watch What You Put Down the Drain – BBQ foods may taste great, but you’ll want to keep them out of your sink. Certain foods ( like potato salad, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, chicken bones and ribs ) can damage your drain and garbage disposal. These foods expand and clog your drain, or can damage the blades of your disposal.

Remind Guests to Flush Carefully – When having friends and family over, it’s hard to keep an eye on your bathroom. Make sure that guests only flush waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Other items can clog your drain.

Stock Up on Toilet Paper and Soap – Make sure that you have plenty of toilet paper in your bathrooms so that guests aren’t tempted to flush other items down the toilet! Avoiding toilet clogs is everyone’s goal, but it’s not always possible but if you stop in to see how things are ‘flowing’ every so often, you should be ok.

If you do run into any plumbing problems during your holiday event, we’re here to help!¬† We’re available¬† 24 hours, 7 days a week!¬† Visit our website to learn more about the plumbing services we offer or give us a call directly to schedule an appointment with an experienced plumbing technician