Hurricane season seems to come sooner every year. When facing this natural disaster, many homeowners don’t think about how to protect their home’s plumbing. It’s important for homeowners to realize simple steps taken to protect their home’s plumbing can significantly decrease the chances of damage from the strong winds and extreme rainfall that come with a hurricane.


After a hurricane, it is possible people will not have power for an extended period of time. This is when a generator can be a huge help. It can provide important electricity and make it possible for a home to function as it did when power was on. This will depend on the size of a home’s system. With the generator working, it will decrease the strain on a home’s plumbing system.


Carefully check around a house for tree roots. They have been the source of serious plumbing problems during a hurricane. Tree roots wrap around underground pipes. This will corrode a home’s plumbing system and decrease water flow. Should a tree come down during a hurricane, it could result in significant damage. The roots can pull and tear the piping. A plumbing professional can detect tree roots and eliminate the problem before a hurricane hits.

Stockpile Water

Prior to a hurricane, it is important to have a lot of bottled water in a house. Extended periods of power outages can impact the quality of a home’s tap water. Having a sufficient amount of drinking water will be important. When people want to flush toilets or bathe, it is important to have enough water to replenish the water that is lost. Doing this reduces the stress on a home’s plumbing system.

Clear Drains

It is important to make certain that all storm culverts near a home or on a homeowner’s property are checked to make certain they are clear of debris. These drains must be able to handle significant runoff from serious downpours of rain. Doing this will decrease the stress on underground plumbing that occurs from soil soaked with rain. Let us know if you need help
clearing drains in your Treasure Coast home.

Water Heater

A water heater should always be secured before a hurricane hits. A home’s plumbing system can do without the increased pressure of heating and tanking water during a serious rain storm. It is also important to shut off a home’s water, electricity and gas that power a water heater. A water heater can be a significant source of potable water.

Service Lines

All of a home’s service lines be sealed. Hydraulic cement is most effective because it is waterproof. An open hole in a home’s foundation can lead to a flooded basement and cause damage to a home’s plumbing system. It is also recommended to check the plugs on a home’s sewer traps to make certain they have a tight seal. Should they look old or seem to not fit correctly, the seals should be immediately replaced. Doing this will make certain that wastewater in a public sewer system is not going to back up into a home’s basement.

Sump Pump

If a home has one of these, it needs to have its outside pipe inspected for any clogs. Its crock should be tested by filling it with water, the sump pump should turn on and begin pumping the water. This will help prevent damage to the plumbing system in a home’s walls and more.

Hurricanes are a dangerous natural disaster. There are usually warnings provided before they hit land. This gives homes and businesses the chance to prepare for them. When the right preparation is performed, a home’s plumbing system can survive and work as well as it did before the storm. If anyone has questions about preparing their home or business for a hurricane, they should contact our plumbers and septic specialists at Cooke’s Plumbing and Septic. We can inspect property and help with important hurricane preparation.

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